Der Air Jordan 4 Seafoam

The Air Jordan 4 Seafoam

The Air Jordan 4 "Seafoam" is without question one of the most coveted sneakers of 2023 and enjoys great popularity among sneakerheads.

The Air Jordan 4 "Seafoam" is available in women's sizes and is a reinterpretation of the original "Fire Red" design. The red color of the Fire Red was replaced by a new light green color, which is even more accentuated by the smooth white leather and the black accents. The shoe was released in February 2023.

The Air Jordan 4 "Seafoam" is a coveted collector's item for fans of the brand. The elegant design of the shoe makes it a perfect companion for every occasion. Whether for going out relaxed or as a fashion statement, the Air Jordan 4 "Seafoam" is a real eye-catcher.

In summary, the Air Jordan 4 "Seafoam" is a must-have for every sneaker lover. The elegant design in combination with the new coloring make it a coveted collector's item that should not be missing in any sneaker collection.

It is also to be expected that the shoe will continue to increase in price over the months and could level off at prices above the 400 mark.

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